The Zen of Life

Nothing exists in our reality except our minds and how we think it is.

A Human Condition Called Happiness

         “Who We Really Are”

We always question life and it’s purpose and despite of all that we think we have achieved to understand the meaning and purpose of it, we still find it rather hard to contemplate the dynamics and struggle to find a singularity as to how to be content with the never ending chaos that we created in pursuing acceptable answers in why life goes the way it does. Ever since we learned to think and started to question things that concern our existence, we have looked for answers around and within our minds in why we live life with such turmoil despite advancement in improving our selves as human beings. Most important of all, why we behave so irrational when it comes to understanding our fellow human beings.

With the dawning of the Age of Reason, human society has been brutalized with war…

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